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We are a financial services firm providing services for mainly private and corporate clients. We established the business as a direct response to the demands of clients and professional advisors who are seeking a level and style of service that in the present financial services market is becoming increasingly difficult to find.

We sincerely hope that you will find the following information to be of interest and we very much welcome feedback from existing and potential clients, as well as from intermediaries and even competitors, consequently we should be delighted to hear from you.

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Cogent provides a variety of services principally fiduciary and consultancy services.

The primary business of Cogent is the development and administration of international financial plans for individual clients and for specialised corporate structures. These plans are typically custom designed to serve a client’s objectives of asset preservation, estate planning and international asset management.

Our services generally include the provision of day to day administration, book-keeping, accounting, valuations and reporting, investment and custody of assets. 

We work directly with clients and their professional advisors who provide specialist expertise in fiscal, legal and financial matters.

About Us

Cogent was established in 2003 by Nick Ferris and Paul Backhouse and is an independent financial services business. 

With many years of diverse international experience the 'Partners' had prior to 2003 worked together for over ten years at a major European financial institution, where they built one of the most successful banking, trust and investment groups in the Channel Islands. 

Cogent was established to be a compelling alternative financial services provider offering services relevant to the needs and resources of individual clients where each client enjoys the benefits of personal attention.



Guernsey is situated in The English Channel 25 miles west of the coast of France. It has an area of 24 square miles and a population of approximately 62,000.

Guernsey is not part of the United Kingdom but is an English Crown dependency that is self-governing except for matters of defence and foreign affairs which are handled by the UK.

Guernsey has its own laws and legislative assembly. The UK government does not control nor supervise any activities in the Island, whether financial or commercial.




Cogent Limited

Old Mill House

Old Mill Road

St Martin

Guernsey, GY4 6DB



+44 1481 234443

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