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Cogent was established in 2003 by Nick Ferris and Paul Backhouse and is an independent financial services business. The 'Partners' have had many years of diverse international experience prior to the inception of the business. They had worked together for over ten years at a major European financial institution, where they built one of the most successful banking, trust and investment groups in the Channel Islands.

Cogent was established to be a compelling alternative financial services provider offering services relevant to the needs and resources of individual clients where each client enjoys the benefits of personal attention.

We are committed to excellence and we are always attentive to our clients' needs, consequently a client can be assured of ready access to a member of staff with a direct understanding of their affairs and the necessary skills and experience.

Security and protection of client assets

In order to ensure that the assets of a client are at all times held in a secure manner, Cogent maintains a number of relationships with major financial institutions for the custody of cash, securities and other assets.

A client however will not be restricted to dealing only with those institutions with which Cogent already has a relationship and it will always be possible to select the most appropriate bank, manager or custodian for the specific circumstances.

For the added protection of our clients, Cogent as a regulated business, is required by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission to maintain professional indemnity insurance.

Our Logo

Cogent is derived from the Latin word 'cogere' meaning to drive together. In current usage it means convincing, powerful and appealing to the intellect and power of reasoning.

Our logo, comprising a cluster of fixed, bright and clear stars, is based upon the constellation of Leo which represents strength and power.

The name and logo are representations of our business that we believe directly capture the intrinsic nature of the relationships between the Partners, our Staff and our Clients.

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