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Trust Services

The great attraction of a Trust is its flexibility for arranging personal, family or business affairs.

Trusts are most commonly used for estate and tax planning, asset protection and preservation, continuity of ownership, long-term family provisions, investment holding, anonymity of ownership and charitable purposes.

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Corporate entities are used for a wide variety of purposes including asset holding and financing, exploitation of industrial and intellectual property, captive insurance, employment and consultancy services, and trading business.

A corporate vehicle can offer valuable opportunities in an international structure, especially in minimising taxation, in allowing for a convenient and effective means of holding assets and as a Special Purpose Vehicle in corporate planning.

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Life Insurance and Annuities are being used increasingly as international wealth and tax management tools, either in conjunction with or as substitutes for conventional international trusts and companies.

While standard form solutions are available, policies are generally individually tailored for each client. 


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Private Trust Company 

For some clients a Private Trust Company (PTC) offers specific benefits. A PTC is typically used by a single family or for specialised commercial transactions and can avoid the direct licensing and regulatory requirements. 

Administered Businesses 

Cogent is well placed to provide ‘Administered Trust Company’ services. Such trust companies are organised for foreign institutions wishing to establish a presence in Guernsey, but where they may not be able or prepared to establish and staff such an operation in their own right. 

Non-Executive Directorships 

Having qualified as professional directors and possessing substantial knowledge of current corporate governance practices, Paul Backhouse and Nick Ferris are prepared to consider their appointment as non-executive directors to a limited number of companies. 

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Consultancy Services

The expertise and professional qualifications held by the management at Cogent has resulted in a small number of consultancy appointments.

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Fees and Charges

Consistent with the desire to ensure that a client receives the level of service that achieves the agreed objectives, Cogent charges fees that are appropriate to the circumstances.

As an independent business we can offer flexibility in the services we provide and therefore we must offer the same flexibility in the manner and level of our charges. 

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