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Ideally located

Our Guernsey location enables us to provide you with the maximum level of wealth protection whilst operating within a highly regulated environment

Trust Services

The great attraction of a Trust is its flexibility for arranging personal, family or business affairs. Trusts are most commonly used for estate and tax planning, asset protection and preservation, continuity of ownership, long-term family provisions, investment holding, anonymity of ownership and charitable purposes.

The uses may range from private family arrangements for succession planning to complex international corporate structures. Cogent provides a comprehensive range of services for the establishment and administration of Trusts and alternative structures, such as Foundations.

We can provide trust services involving:

  • Private family arrangements, usually Discretionary, Interest in possession or Accumulation and Maintenance trusts

  • Purpose Trusts and Foundations

  • Trusts used as part of corporate planning

  • Escrow agent

  • Advisory or supervisory roles; for example as a Trust Protector

  • Provision of individual co-trustees

  • Private and Administered Trust Companies

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